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Baldor Power Solutions Technology Lab

Baldor Power Solutions Technology Lab

US9103 – ACS550 & ACS800 Certified Start-up (Channel Partners)

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US9103 – ACS550 & ACS800 Certified Start-up (CSU) training is designed to provide Channel Partners and/or Installation Contractors with the knowledge and tools to safely and effectively install and commission ABB LV drives. The students will learn best practices for:

  • LV drive mechanical and electrical installation
  • How to safely work with LV drives
  • Product parameter configuration
  • Product tuning
  • Working with drive pc tools

Students are expected to know the basics of the specific drive per course and be comfortable with control panel operation before attending these classes. After completion of the program and the post training exam, the student will be authorized to perform Certified Start-up on the associated LV drive(s). The Certified Start-up service provides the user with one (1) additional year of product warranty. The warranty extension becomes effective, once the serial number of the commissioned drive is registered through the approved process.


Authorized Channel Partners and installation contractors

Course Dates

To Be Determined based on local needs

Registration Cut-off Date

One week prior to course dates

Prerequisites to be completed online:

Associated Product Introduction recommended:

  • online e-learning program: ACS550 Product Intro, US9150
  • online e-learning program: ACS800 Product Intro, US9138

Registration Fee:

$300.00 per student


Baldor Power Solutions
5000 S. Emmer Dr.
New Berlin, WI 53151


David Duncan – Baldor Power Solutions

  • ABB Drives Specialist
  • ABB Drives Expert
  • ABB Drives Trainer

To Register:

While the training will be held at the Baldor Power Solutions District Office, the registration process is handled through the ABB University System.  If you have any questions about how to register at, first watch this video.  If you still have questions, it’s best to contact ABB’s training department directly.

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